Sunday, November 18, 2012

Copley's New Bed

Copley was a little sick last week, so I felt bad for him and decided to make him a new bed. It will also help cut down on the "doggie on couch" thing. 

I bought a yard of fleece and a bag of pillow filling. I cut the pieces of fleece into little strips on all sides and then tied them in knots. I started with a square but cut the corners a bit round, so it ended up like a circle. Before tying the fourth side, I filled it and then tied it. I used less filling than a pillow so he can sleep on it easier.
I think it was a huge success. Although sometimes he likes to sleep near it and not on it. Silly puppy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Update

I wish I had more pictures for you, but my phone was acting up and I got a new one. In the process I lost all of my photos from June to now. It seems odd being that I had an external storage card in the phone. So all you're left with is photos of Copley since he's always an available subject. However, you'll still get a recap!
In the beginning of October we headed to Cleveland to visit the Kings. We got to see an Akron Symphony concert, Charlie's soccer practice, Amelia's cello recital, and a Cleveland Orchestra concert. The weekend was jam packed with events and it was so great to see the kids in action.
The following weekend we jetted off to Chicago for the Nebraska vs. Northwestern game. It was a thriller (as they all seem to be these days) and the weather was beautiful. It was great to catch up with Steven's aunt and uncle who live in the Windy City.
Then we took a deep breath and let the fun roll on. We had a great time at the Nebraska vs. Michigan game and attended one of the best tailgates to date.
This is Copley's Halloween costume, corn on the dog. 

less than thrilled.........

waking up one morning.

A little pumpkin carving action at Kim's house. My owl last 2 days before nose diving into the back of the pumpkin. 

As I sit and write this Steven is in Lansing, Michigan where he watched the Huskers pull out a narrow victory over the Spartans.