Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's been quite an eventful spring. Steven and I just celebrated our first anniversary (5/7/11)! We enjoyed all the messages and cards we received. I especially enjoyed my beautiful red roses and our trip to Kansas City to see the Yankees play the Royals. It was a great weekend with perfectly timed rain and some quality time with Amy.
I believe it was still about 80 degrees at 7 pm when this photo was taken. If it's this hot in May, what's it going to be like in July?!

We got Copley a new toy and he's in love. Here he is sleeping with his buddy. He's already busted it open and I just finished performing some surgery. I'm guessing this could become a common thing.

Our yard is starting to look decent. We need to do some major landscaping renovations at sometime, but not this summer. I pruned this rose bush in March and it looks great right now.

Who knew we had these peonies? They just bloomed last week and they look fantastic!

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  1. Peonies are my all time favorite flower, Jill! You are so lucky to have those naturally growing in your yard. Bring them in for their fragrance, but beware of little ants that like to crawl in them...