Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

I was supposed to be in Minnesota for the 4th of July, but after the many trips of June I realized it was just too much to be gone again. So we stayed in Lincoln (well, kind of) for the 4th. I missed my sister's family a ton, but we made the best of it. Mom and Dad came down for a lunchtime bbq. We made bison burgers and some of us (not Steven!) had asian slaw and marinated cucumbers. Then we had some incredible brownie sundaes. We topped the day off going to the weirdest movie I've seen, Moonrise Kingdom. My mom thought it was hilarious. After the movie I made some unsuspecting teenager take our photo. Everyone was confused why I was doing this, but of course it was for the sake of the blog. 
After this stunning photo, Steven and I headed to Seward, Nebraska home of "the 4th of July" to visit with Amy and watch their fireworks show. 

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