Friday, December 3, 2010

and the reviews are in. . . . . .

Steven and I have been searching for reviews of opening night.  Since we can't actually "see" the show being stuck 10 feet underneath the stage we must rely on others' interpretations of how it went.  So far, so good.  It has gotten some great reviews, click HERE for a review from a New Jersey newspaper.

Steven's mom came to opening night and was great sounding board for all our questions.  Our biggest question is, "what do we really sound like?"  We are each individually mic'd and the technician adjusts our levels many times during the show.  So essentially we have no clue what the group sounds like as a whole. His mom said not to worry, the sound was tremendous.  Hopefully it will be like that in all the halls we play in.

In other news, we played an 11 am show for a group of high school kids from around New Jersey.  About 5 minutes into the show the fire alarm sounded.  That meant you had 1400 high schoolers, 35 actors, and 15 musicians who had to get outside while the fire department checked out the theater.  Now mind you, on a normal day we would have joyfully gone outside and collected our overtime.  However, on this particular Wednesday morning there happened to be a torrential downpour in Millburn, New Jersey.  Oh the joys of standing outside in the rain only to find out that the humidity from the rain and the smoke on the stand in combination caused the fire alarm to go off.

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