Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life in 19th Century France continues in Millburn, NJ

We are getting ready to ship out to Philadelphia in 10 days.  Our trunks arrived this week.  Each cast member, orchestra musician, and tech person receives a trunk to carry oversized belongings.  Ryu's excited for his new "home".   

and why do I say "home"???  Because that's what this black box will be for the next 18 months, minimum.  We're planning on stocking ours with kitchen items, coats, and black clothes.  

Steven's sister, Susan, came to see the show with her friend, Meghan.  We're so happy they were able to make the trek from the city to Jersey.  We're happy that we'll be able to see so many family and friends along the way.  

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and we have just one show, a matinee.  After that I'll be spending my first Christmas in the city and my first Christmas away from my Grandma and parents.  We're planning to do the usual "Barry" Christmas traditions to invoke the feeling of my family.  This means chili on Christmas eve and brisket and a movie on Christmas day.  After that it's back to work for the final 7 shows of the run at Paper Mill.

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