Monday, January 17, 2011

Final Philly Pics

We visited La Colombe, a Philadelphia based coffee brewing company.  It reminded me of being in a European cafe.  The cappuccino was fantastic as well as the chocolate croissant.  

The next stop was brunch at The Continental.  This was quite possibly the coolest restaurant we ate at.  I'm not saying the food was fantastic, it was solidly good but the atmosphere was amazing.  We got lucky and were seated in hanging wicker chairs.

Another picture of the cool vibe at The Continental.

After our waiter found out that we were engaged, he brought on desserts complete with sparklers.  It was the best!

And what Philadelphia trip would be complete without a trip up the art museum stairs.  Once we have internet fast enough to handle videos, you'll all get to see Steven make the trek.

and that was the end of Philadelphia.

Now we're in not so sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  It's rained all day and we haven't done much.  We're still recovering from our 5:30 am wake up call.  Surprisingly traveling with the entire cast was not too bad.  Thank goodness for rental cars, though!

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