Saturday, February 19, 2011


We headed to California at the beginning of February.  Our friend Kristin just moved out there to join her new husband, Ben.  We flew into Sacramento but made our way both north and south in our travels.

These pictures are definitely not in order.  On our 2nd day in Cali we ventured north to Napa Valley.  Here we are jumping for joy at the Robert Mondavi vineyard.  We went on an amazing tour throughout the vineyard.  It ended with a tasting.  The cabernet sauvignon was unbelievable.  It most certainly wasn't my normal 2 buck chuck.

Here's me and the Golden Gate Bridge.  We headed to San Francisco where we took a boat tour around the bay.  We also did a little driving tour making sure we made our way to the Full House area.

The Jelly Belly factory is located just north of Sacramento.  We learned a lot about President Reagan who always had some on his desk.  We also got to try several of the flavors.

This is another San Fran pic.  Steven is standing in front of one of their famous cable cars.  This is right before we indulged in some chocolate at Ghiradelli Square.

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