Monday, February 28, 2011

Train Travel

Today we took Amtrak from Penn Station in New York to Penn Station in Baltimore.  In my humble opinion, train travel is best way to go.  Well that is if you're within 5 hours of your destination.  Today's trip took 3 hours.  No worries about how many ounces our liquids were or if we had only 1 carry on or the fact that our suitcase just may be over 50 pounds.  
It was also fantastic because we didn't get the awful delays and cancellations that the rest of the group faced.  
Above is a picture of the beautiful Penn Station in Baltimore.  What a gem.  The outside is just as pretty as the inside.  Tonight we're going to plan out what Baltimore sights we'll try and get to this week.  More photos to come.

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  1. Unless Amtrak is behind like it usually is in MInnesota. You know, like 12 or 13 hours behind!:)