Monday, September 19, 2011

more facts for you

Some additional answers brought to you by our dance captain, Jason Ostrowski.

-80 local stage hands
-16 hours

-80 local stage hands
-8 hours

-5,000 props in the show
-8 loaves of French Bread and one Angel Food Cake each week

-Over 5,000 costume pieces (some from past Les Mis shows)
-57 brown shawls each unique and subtly different
-Over 30 quick changes in the first 15 minutes of show

-Over 400 lighting cues in show
-350 lights (100 conventional, 250 movers)
-10 foggers that produce 4 different kinds of smoke
-1600 amps of power to run the lighting package
-9 Computers run the lighting package
-500 pounds of C02 are used per week

-55,000 pounds of scenery and weight in the air
-Show travels in 9 semi trailers
-16 Automation effects in the show

-42 wireless microphones for the cast
-60 microphones for the orchestra (wired)
-32 onstage monitors

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