Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to the South (Memphis, TN)

It's like stepping back in time here. The trollies run up and down Main St and seem like they are from the early 1900's. We ate at a tiny diner for breakfast that seemed like it was right out of Matlock. You all know that show, right?? It was my favorite sick day show. Wait, if I had a favorite sick day show maybe I was playing hooky a few times too many in elementary school. 

We headed to the Blues City Cafe for dinner and a Johnny Cash tribute band. 

Memphis BBQ

Les Mizzers at the Blues City Cafe. The Johnny Cash tribute band was phenomenal. They played a few of my favorites (Get Rhythm and Ring of Fire). 

How appropriate. The band box is full of beer.

The view from inside the trolley. We thought we'd snag a ride home on it last night, not realizing it was $1 a piece. The cab driver may have misled us by telling us it was free. However, a nice southerner loaned us the $2.

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