Monday, March 5, 2012

Mopac Trail

Tana and I have been hitting the Mopac Trail in Lincoln 2 times a week. It runs from downtown all the way to Omaha. This is the bridge crossing "O" Street around 70th street. This is on our "in town" route.

Here's a peek at what our "out of town" route looks like. (yes, this is just a stock photo I grabbed from the internet).  The houses along the trail are unbelievable. 

We made it up to 5 miles on Sunday, which is almost to our race goal of 6.2 miles. It's going to hurt on Saturday, that's for sure. We turned around right at this grain elevator in Walton, Nebraska.

After running and working, I've been spending all my time examining things like this. That's spice or cinnamon. I think this is going to be a long process.

And, of course, the Copley picture. He gets so cold (or so we think, really Shih tzus just shake a bit). I love the faux fur collar. I have one on my jacket too. We're quite the pair at 5:45 am, just ask the newspaper boy, he's the only other one around. (and I guess I lived in NYC too long because I thought he was some hoodlum prowling the neighborhood the other day in his hoodie)

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