Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Denver Trip

Mom, Steven, and I made a quick trip to Denver to visit cousin Norma. She took us out to a wonderful meal after 7 hot hours on the road. 

This is my amazing dinner. Chicken stuffed with cheese and roasted red peppers on a bed of arugula.  

The next night it was pizza on the porch after a trip to Leadville, CO at 10,200 feet. Norma's husband, Wayne, was inducted into the Mining Hall of Fame last year and it's located in Leadville.

This picture does not do Norma's backyard justice.

One of Steven's great fires. Norma's fire pit is the best!

A wonderful exhibit at DAM (Denver Art Museum). We also saw Madeleine Albright's pin exhibit.

Our wedding gift from Norma made by her friend Ella. She is a talented artist and this picture does not do this mosaic any justice.

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