Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playing photo catch up

Uh oh, who are these two studs?? Why it's just Steven and me in our sweet wet suits before we rafted. 

Steven and Bob at the Hawthorne Hophouse trying out some local brews. My favorite beer this whole trip was a raspberry ale. It was super summery and delicious.

Meet guide dog Cass. Well the view of her from under our table. My Aunt and Uncle are raising a guide dog puppy right now. It's been a really cool to learn about and understand all the elements that go into raising one. They are one a pretty strict schedule and have to behave so well all the time. This is a primo example, she's just hanging out and napping while we're eating our dinner. I'll try and get a better picture of her today because she's a beautiful dog.

We have golfed three times since arriving in Portland. The golf bug bit Steven this summer and now I'm getting into it. I think it helps that my normally softballish golf swing is starting to resemble something more appropriate for the game. Don't you worry, I'm still really awful. It's just fun. I will still 9 chip and 7 putt every hole (you think I'm exaggerating, but trust me, I'm not). 

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