Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seattle time

 We arrived in Seattle last Monday and haven't put on our tourist shoes yet, but trust me we will. We already had a nice visit from our cousin, Melissa, and will have more family time next week. 

Here's a shot of the 5th Ave Theater. It's one of the most beautiful theaters we've played in, if not the most. It's a little cramped in the pit and backstage but we're all making do. The theater put on a great opening night party for us at a wine bar called Purple. We have a lot of changes happening during and after this Seattle run. A couple of new players in the pit, a new lead actor, and several cast members change. It'll be exciting.

Here's a picture Steven took with his iPhone of the ceiling. Do you see what I mean by beautiful? Everything is so ornate.

We found this pizza place called MOD (Made on Demand). It was by far, the best pizza  I've eaten in America.  You know Italy still holds the ultimate winner. You get to pick exactly what you want on the pie and every pizza is the same price. This is a little pesto spectacular. Amazing.

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