Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Charity Research: ELCA Good Gifts

Both my mom and sister are planning on giving to ELCA Good Gifts. This is a charity run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, a church were both are members. The Good Gifts charities has several different areas that you can give to: Animals, Water, Women & Children, Malaria, Agriculture, Grow the Church, Leadership, Disaster Response, and Help in the U.S.
From these areas you choose the gift you'd like to give. You can also gift something in honor of someone. For example, my sister bought someone chickens one year in honor myself and our family.
ELCA Good Gifts is composed of many different charities run all run under their umbrella. Recently, the group Criterion Ventures, helped the ELCA World Hunger division of Good Gifts restructure to help them serve people more effectively.
This organization has been around for quite some time and has a major backing through the many congregations throughout the United States and the World. Their main focus is specifically targeting individuals needs and providing them. They spend time researching exactly what certain areas are in need of.
You can choose to give to a microloan to a women's cooperative

You can give a dental visit to a child in need.

Here's a map of the areas the ELCA supports through Good Gifts

I like the variety this charity offers, however I wasn't able to find any information in regards to the effectiveness of their programs. I also like that you can choose to help in the U.S. The specific way you can give makes one really feel in charge of where their money is going. It also allows you to feel like you're really making a difference with just a few dollars.

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    Video of a family that received a goat from the Good Gifts Program.