Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

It's easy to get down on tour, especially during the holidays. With Thanksgiving approaching to get me out of my "I want to see family so bad" funk, I've decided to do a post dedicated to giving thanks. I have so many things to be thankful and it's a much better focus than the earlier mentioned funk. I was already smiling thinking about this post, so I highly recommend doing something similar on your own (it can even be in your head!)
I am thankful .. . . . . . . for the amazing, wonderful wedding we had. It was a memorable day and one I still think about everyday. I married my best friend. How could I not be thankful? 

I am thankful . . . . . .for these two ladies right here. My grandma was quite possibly the best person I've ever met. She had a huge heart and was so giving. I miss her everyday, but especially at holidays. I'm thankful for the constant presence she has in my life. The other lady is the best mom ever. I'm thankful that we talk everyday and I can tell her everything. She's also the best person to have a glass of wine with. Trust me, we can solve the world's problems over a glass a wine.

I am thankful . . . . . . .for a husband who will draw me these kind of notes. He's the best!
Don't think I was just going to be sappy cause, I am thankful . . . . . .for OPI bronzed to perfection nail color. It's the best fall/winter toe color out there.
I am thankful . . . . . . .for my nephews. Duh, they're the best guys ever. This picture is super old but I love Martin's face in it. 

I am thankful . . . . . . for the amazing water pressure at this hotel. That's about all I'm thankful for in Dayton, OH, but hey you gotta find something. The WaterPik shower head is the best one we've had so far!

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