Friday, November 18, 2011

Fire- arts and crafts in Appleton, WI

We spent some quality time bringing out our inner creative selves this week. Or as my mom said, "wow, you had a lot of time on your hands." However, this little shop in Appleton called Fire was the best place to spend an afternoon crafting. Ian is working on a glass fusion project of Little Cosette.

Catherine spent hours digging out the letters for Dot.

Will is very serious about his square bowl.

Here's some examples of the talent that works at Fire.

The glass we used for our fusion projects.

Mosaic tiles.

more tiles.

My wind chime. Just wait, it'll look cool with it's totally fused.

A little team building project. Little Cosette needs a lot of help, trust me;)

The Dot chick!

Crafting for your niece is so much fun, just ask Catherine. I'd love to craft for a niece but sister said she's not having any more kids. WHAT??!!!

Along with my wind chime, I made this awesome ornament. 

Yes, that's hairspray. A very sophisticated crafting item.

Steven's Husker plate that will be fused into a bowl.


  1. just craft for your nephews. they love projects and will love whatever you make them.

  2. Do you want them to have glass?