Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Minneapolis: A geographic winner

Pardon the massive picture blog post, but my mom, dad, sister, and nephews all came to visit these past 2 days. It was fantastic. Mom and Dad only had to drive 6ish hours and Lindy's a mere 2.5 hours away. We started our visit at the Mall of America.
Matthew is intensely looking at the Legos.

A little concert in the middle of the mall. 

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe.

He's cuddling his new Monkey in Buzz Lightyear's clothes. He made him at the Build-a-Bear factory.

He's 21 months and can read, well maybe, ok no, but we think he's a genius.

He hates the Rainforest Cafe. HATES it.

It's as if we're punishing him by eating there.

But his brother loves it! He's making Nana check out his monkeys.

After a move to another location in the restaurant someone was much happier.

See, this stool has a tail.

What a pair. (or should I say trio? That's Mo the cowboy dog)

After Aunt Jill and "Aunt Jill" (Matthew thinks it's funny to call Steven "Aunt Jill") had a rehearsal we had a little pizza party with presents!

Stop taking pictures of me while I'm eating. This boy loves to eat. And he loves to use his pants as a napkin. Cuddle at your own risk.

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