Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Visit with the Michigan Barrys

After our family-less Thanksgiving in Dayton, we were excited to get to Michigan where my Grandfather's brother and his family live. We headed over to Lansing (well, actually DeWitt) from Grand Rapids on Monday afternoon for dinner at cousin Marilyn's. I know, you're already confused. There were 20 family members there including 5 really cute kids. You should quiz Steven on all their names next time you see him.
Obviously, I'm in the orange. I wore that sweater so you could find me in any picture and if I was lost in the woods. My cousin Emily is in the black. She'd be my first cousin, once removed. That means her mom and my mom are first cousin. Are you all following along and taking notes?

The two kids in this picture are Chase and Ava. They are Emily's brother Josh's kids. So I guess that makes them either 2nd cousins or 1st cousins, twice removed.

Seated on the couch are some more first cousins, once removed. From the left; Tim's girls Emma and Andrea and then Emily.

I'm sure you can spot me, holding the newest member of the Barry clan. Charlotte was born in August and is Emily's daughter.

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