Monday, May 2, 2011

belated Omaha posts

We just finished a fantastic week in Omaha playing at the Orpheum. We had so many people come to the show this week: Mom, Dad, Tana, Matt, Lindy, Bryant, Ruth, Kim, Kylie, Molly, Amanda, Heather, Donna, Mike, Amy, Penny, Allen, Hayley, Joel, Paul, Liz, random band directions, some random people from my undergrad, and the lady from the plane. It's pretty great to play in your hometown!
In old news, this was from our last stop in Cleveland before we left. The Great Lakes Brewing Co. A delicious treat before the flight to Milwaukee.

Now to jump ahead several weeks. This is Steven in our brand new storage unit. Welcome 10 x 15.

Our chauffeur for the week.

Steven's first time at the Orpheum!

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