Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paris, day 1 and part of 2

We took the Eurostar from London to Paris. It was a short 2.5 hour ride and definitely worth it.
1. We ran straight away to the Louvre. It wasn't that busy since it was already afternoon and all the tourist like to get things done in the morning. Note to self, visit tourist attractions after lunch. We noticed this all over Rome too, things really slow down in the afternoon.
2. After visit the Mona Lisa and Napoleon's apartment we headed down the Seine to Notre Dame.
3. Then we did a little shopping and croissant eating before heading to the best steak house in Paris. Read about it HERE.
4. Then it was off for a moonlit stroll to the Eifel Tower. This was quite the experience. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an insane fear of heights. Somehow I let Steven talk me into doing the Eifel Tower again. (I'm still traumatized from the time in 2001 when my sister, Ruth, Kim, and I made the trek up the stairs to the first level) This time around things were much different (well not my fears). They only have elevators now and the floors are no longer the metal grates they used to be. I felt a little safer once we reached the first level, but refused to go any farther. I sat quietly on a bench inside by the gift shop while Steven went to the top. While sitting there I heard a bunch of people yelling and clapping outside. I slowly ventured out and saw that the tower was having a little light show. Super cool and another improvement.
Once we were safely on the ground, we headed back to the hotel.
5. We had a little trouble getting going on day 2 as we have had many early mornings and travel days. But once we were going and had some fantastic coffee and croissants, we made our way to Roland Garros. It was the first day of the French Open qualifiers. This was super cool and we got to walk around to all the courts and watch whatever matches we wanted.

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