Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rome, part 3

Phew, my posts returned. Thank you blogger.
1. We got to do the traditional honeymoon thing and sleep in a little bit Friday. It was fantastic. Plus, people in Rome do not wake up early. The normal time for shops to open is 10:30.
2. We visited the same cafe for breakfast and finally had their coffee. What a dream. America, what are you thinking? Starbucks, really?
3. We headed out in the blazing sun to the Colosseum. This was probably one of the most amazing sites I've seen. You could really feel the energy that this stadium holds.
4. We headed over to Palatine Hill and the Forum. Although I was completely confused (there's been some major construction to the entrances since my 2008 edition of Rick Steves (hence the reason he updates each year and damn my frugalness for buying a used guidebook), I couldn't really get into the self guided tour. However this was something not to be missed).
5. After a lengthy nap, the norm in Rome, we dined al fresco (as we did for all our meals) in Piazza Navona. Steven informed me that this was in the movie Angels and Demons. One, of course, that I've never seen. It was a beautiful night and the piazza is closed from cars so very peaceful.

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