Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Final Europe Post

After a relaxing evening in Paris last night, we headed to the Eurostar station to catch the train to London. We were attempting to get to Heathrow early because the British Airways customer service rep said we'd have no problem flying stand by on an earlier flight. After we broke Parisian law at least twice, due to the fact that I didn't think we needed our metro passes anymore and threw them away at the train station. When indeed we did need them 2 more times for transfer we were unaware of. It was a little tricky because there were no tickets booths and we didn't have anymore euros so we were forced to slide through an oversized door at one gate and tag along behind another person at another. I didn't feel too bad considering I did pay for the silly trip, I just didn't have my ticket with me. I did think that all the guards were watching me from that point and was glad that we hopped on an early train to London.
When we arrived in London, we had a smooth transition to the airport. After exchanging $20 USD for a mere 9 British pounds to get us our Tube tickets. Once at the British Airways counter we were met with stares when we explained that the customer service rep said we could go stand by on another flight. They told us it was $500 per ticket plus fare change to go on another flight. After some coaxing and letting them know that maybe they need to retrain their customer service reps, a manager got us on a 4 pm flight back to NYC.
Now we're happily wasting some time in the lounge where I had the most amazing chili and curry chicken.

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