Thursday, February 2, 2012

The newest addition

The story of Copley. 
For the past couple of weeks Steven has been saying he'd like a pet. I was a little reluctant because I know how messy they can be as well as how much work they are. We ruled out a cat due to allergies. I started just perusing the area shelters online and saw some really cute dogs that needed homes. My "care" instinct kicked in and I thought I we need to do this. We decided to go check out the Capital Human Society on Wednesday. It was just about closing time but we spotted the cutest little Shih Tzu mix named Willie. We asked to play with him for a little bit and I was smitten. He was surrendered by his owners because they didn't have enough room for him in their apartment. They were probably also neglecting his cares since they brought him in with super matted hair that had to be shaved off. We went home and made several phone calls to all the dog gurus in our life and went back today to check him out. My dad happened to be in town and he came with us. After checking out all the other dogs and branding them "psychotic", he thought we had picked the best one there. We thought so too. He's hypoallergenic and a no shed dog! We filled out the paperwork, changed his (awful) name to Copley, and we were on our way. On our way right to Petco. We had nothing for the dog. He helped us pick out his bed, collar, harness, clothes (yes, matching jacket and shoes!), and toys. 
I read an adoption journal for bringing shelter dogs home and we tried to follow it to a "T". We came home and took him for a long walk and then introduced him to his new area. He is such a good dog. He is doing so well for his first night. He's been drinking a ton of water (we think they dehydrated him at the shelter) and had his dinner. We gave him a bath to get the shelter stink off of him. He's now relaxing and watching James Bond. Fitting in perfectly! 
We take this cutie to the vet tomorrow morning to make sure he's as healthy as they said he was.

Playing with his new Valentine toy.

Looking crazy after his bath.

Doing his post supper relaxing. 

The name Copley (pronounced cop-lee) was the name of our apartment building in New York and was our first home together. It seemed only appropriate and fits his personality. It's also proving to be an easy switch from Willie.

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  1. I love him!! I'm so excited you guys got a dog!