Thursday, February 2, 2012

the upstairs

I realize I've been neglecting the upstairs (well except for those 2 pesky bathrooms). All the bedrooms need paint, but I'm a little burned out right now. Give me a few weeks and maybe I'll get inspired. We've already bought the paint for our room. It's called beeswax. The color in there right now is not bad at all but she did such a crappy job painting that we need to do it again. There's just huge patches where she missed. I wish she would have left a few cans of paint around. Then we could just do some fixing.
We got the bedspread from Dillards this fall. The bed was a gently used gift from my mom. We put it up on risers which makes it fit the room better.  The decor has a bit of a Euro feel. Those lamps have Eifel towers on them when you turn them on. The other picture in the room is of a Parisian cafe.

Steven's office is finally somewhat habitable. I had to just go in there and make it happen. He's been painstakingly organizing his music, but it needed a complete overhaul. That's his dad's desk, which was "fun" to get moved in. It only involved taking off the door frame. I bought him that little chair from Pier One with one of their great coupons I got on facebook. This means I have a place to sit when I stop by the visit. There's a giant tv on the other wall to complete his man cave.

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