Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland

It is finally winter in Nebraska. It snowed 10 inches last night and has not stopped yet. Good thing we have nothing to do on this lazy Saturday. We're going to hunker down and enjoy life.
I'm guessing every post will now have a picture of Copley. I mean, he's ridiculously cute so it's necessary.

This is the view from our garage.

This is as far as Copley made it this morning. That's about 12 inches from the garage.

Looking east down 77th street.

The front of our house.

You are barely see these 2 guys. It was snowing and Copley was pretty much buried.

He has that nice scooped walk thanks to me. I spent what felt like hours scooping this morning. Turns out it was only 30 min, but my back and wrists can tell.

The view of our backyard.

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