Monday, January 30, 2012

paint, paint, paint, and more paint

So far we've painted the kitchen, living room, den, entryway, and 3 bathrooms. All that's left are the 3 bedrooms. It's been fun picking out colors and maybe not so fun doing the actual painting. However, painting is much more fun than removing wallpaper. After a grand total of 6 days of solid work, I can say there is not a speck of wallpaper remaining in this house.

This is my absolute favorite room! Besides having the world's most comfortable couch, the most fun chair on the planet, and cable television, it has an orange-ish wall. Make the nutmeg to be accurate. This was a fun pick from Lowes.

I carried the nutmeg through to the door that leads to the garage. It will possibly be on that front door soon too. That is still being debated. I stopped the brown teepee madness and took garlic clove to the rest of the entryway. There isn't a good picture of the garlic clove but it's on the same wall as the nutmeg door, the brown teepee is on the wall with the window. (and, yes, that's my infamous rooster rug)

Here's our framed Cohen sign. Kim's grandma loving made this for us and it has found the perfect spot in the entryway.

Here's a picture of the eating area in the kitchen. The framed picture is from the French Open. It reminds me of our honeymoon and I love it. I carried that ball theme into the other piece, which is just some metal thing I picked up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I love this spot too. It runs a close second to our nutmeg den.

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