Monday, January 23, 2012

Just another day in Huskerville

I forgot to mention that I learned how to remove a toilet yesterday. Kim and I took this puppy out without any trouble. Well except for that screw that was so rusted it just snapped. We will, however, be paying the flooring installers to put it back in. But if you ever need assistance with this type of project, you can call me.

This is my favorite thing to do and I haven't been able to make it happen for over a year. I make a huge pot of soup, freeze it and then eat it for days. This pot was not huge enough only getting 6 bowls. I do this year round. Soup is my favorite meal. This is a variation on our family traditional. We just take V8, beef broth, hamburger, and then make it up from there. I used corn, black beans, northern beans, corn, and a package of taco seasoning. It was delicious.

I found this adorable little chalkboard at Pier One this afternoon. I hung my grandma's measuring cups and spoons from it. The picture isn't that great, but it's a nice green color that works well with the brown walls. I'm guessing we'll be rehanging it in a couple of days when it falls. I didn't have any dry wall mounts and decided to forgo them just because I was desperate to see how cute it would look.

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  1. Did you use any of MY seasonings in that soup?! ha ha I just made an awesome chicken and dumplings recipe that Jeff's mom gave me. So easy! I am going to email you it later today. Also, I baked a "tuber medley" recently that was super yummy. I will send that too!