Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting settled in Lincoln

I'm probably not surprising anyone who reads this blog, but it's been moving week in the Cohen household. We flew from Dallas to Omaha on Monday and have been in constant motion ever since. We had a walk through of our house Tuesday morning and then called in the carpet cleaners. Each day brings new surprises with the house like "oh we didn't know the owner smoked in her bedroom." Yuck, that's been a chore to deal with and will continue until that thousand dollar duct cleaning is done. And of course each surprise means more dollars spent, but it's worth it. I'm now sitting on our couch watching tv, typing this blog, eating a snack, and enjoying a glass of well deserved wine. (Did I mention that I started some classes on Wednesday. Talk about time management skills, I've had to perfect those)
Our furniture came on Friday. We were so excited. It all fit perfectly and is totally us.

Here's a glimpse at the destruction that is the guest room. That's a bed in the box in the corner. It took 3 humans to get that one unwrapped.

Steven office is shaping up nicely. That's his dad's beautiful antique desk and that's the blasted glass in the corner. Another unexpected project, cleaning all the tape off the glass. One hour later and Steven and I were high as kites from the nail polish-goo gone concoction. 

The very messy living room. The coach is so comfy and the chair is probably the cutest thing I've seen. That's the silly tv stand that was far too hard to put the glass in. 

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  1. I've committed myself to reading blogs in the New Year, and yours is one of them! The house looks like it is shaping up! It's a lot of hard work, but you will get it in order.