Thursday, January 19, 2012

More House pictures

This is my most favorite purchase of the week. After struggling with only 4 mugs we broke down and bought some more. We both drink coffee every morning and only have to run the dishwasher every couple of days hence the problem. This was a Pier One find. It's just a tad awkward to hold but that giraffe face makes up for it. Steven got an elephant.

I went to this cute little store called The Porch and found this table runner. I love it! Fringe, of course. There's some gold in there to bring out the gold in the cabinet. We're getting blinds installed today so it will be looking good soon!

Remember that painting post? Well 2 days later, I'm 2 bathrooms in. This is the guest bathroom. I painted the walls grey. It was a bit of a struggle because I had to do some repair where they had a GIANT fluorescent light. Yes, we removed that immediately. I think this bathroom needs a ceiling touch up, so we'll see when I get the energy to tackle that. And, yes, I should have tackled it first.

Our bathroom. Success. It's so bright and sunny in there now. And that's my amazing shelf that Steven installed. We also had to have a little re-work done on the lighting. I may have pulled the fixture out of the ceiling while I was prepping to paint. Whoops! (your eyes are not deceiving you, that's a picture of a little girl's bum on that shelf. it's the cutest thing ever. i've had it in my bathroom since I can remember)

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