Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is a mid-progress picture of the den. I found these pictures at Gordmans (local discount store) and just love them. The colors are perfect for what we have going on in the den.

Here's a picture of painting the master bathroom. It reminds me of Dexter (you know the show on Showtime about a serial killer). I felt as if I was preparing my "kill room". All of that work just to keep the shower paint-free. And to be honest, it didn't even matter. The amount of stray paint I had to clean off that shower from the last owner was a real joy.

Ruth, Kylie, and Kim came to help today. Oh my goodness, they are good workers. They put in a solid 6 hours of work. I feel so grateful to have such wonderful friends. The least I could do for Ruth was make her a mocha in our new cow mug. (It replaced Steven's cool elephant one which started leaking from the trunk. Not an efficient design.)

I mean, who has friends who will do this kind of work? Meanwhile I was just snapping pictures and maybe slaving away getting that damn wallpaper out of the half bathroom.

These girls are so good that they don't need tape. That tape I put up was only a hindrance and they had to come back through and fix it. I don't think I've mastered that yet.

The previous owner was a TERRIBLE painter. We're thinking she only did one coat everywhere and her trimming skills were exceptionally sub-par. We using our borrowed ladder and forcing Kim to get up there to fix the trim. 

She's a sport. She'll do anything.

Kylie fixed the hallway, which was driving me nuts!

The pseudo finished kitchen. It's brown teepee on the walls and crocodile tears on just the under side. I think it looks really cool. I can't wait to get the floor installed on Tuesday. I also can't wait to get rid of those kitchen counters. We will be waiting a little while before that happens. Until then, I'm just blocking them out of my mind.

This is my crocodile tears bathroom. Yes, that's the name of the paint. And yes, I'm using the same paint Ruth has in her house. Why not go with something that you know works?!

The last LITTLE things we need to do are paint all the bedrooms, take down the wallpaper in the entry way, and get those new countertops. After that, we're done! (well done is such a final word, I'm sure we'll be fussing around for many years to come!)

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